The four steps to SCRUM

You rely on your IT team to keep your online business growing. Staying ahead of your competitors with ideas, execution and growth. It’s time to get your own scrum team together. At Agile367 we have the components ready for your software development the Agile way, ready to go.

What is your own scrum team? When organizing a project there are always a bottleneck where development slows down because a detail was vague or missing altogether. This holds up the project, and everything comes to a screeching halt. Agile 367 has a scrum master to help you along with your project.  You get the benefit of a leader to your own personal development team with the purpose of keeping things moving forward in a timely and professional manner.

Let’s define the four steps of Agile and where your scrum master fits in.


Start your web project with a great plan. You know what your dream is, when you spend time with your own personal project manager, you know your dream has been portrayed through a well-defined project plan. Your vision becomes our vision. The manager will then create a professional team of designers and developers so that your project is moving along in multiple directions all at the same time.


With a well-designed plan, our team can get to work to put your ideas into action. Under the direction of the team leader, your programmers are now designing all the components for a beautiful project. Since they have a plan, they can create all the pieces at the same time the developers are programming functionality to your project on the back end.

Each piece of the plan, called a sprint, has the focus of the professional in charge. Since the project is broken down into phases, you can see and approve of each phase along the way. You can even determine at what phase you would like your project to launch.


Once your first phase is completed we initialize our professional team of software testers to make sure your project is fool proof. One of the things that makes us better than the rest, is our professional software testing team. It is their only job to try and break your project before it is released. If there is a bug, we will find it and send your project back to the ACTION team for repair.

Launch and Evaluate

Now that you are sure your project is perfect for your business, it is time to launch. But don’t stop there, our team of evaluator’s will continue to monitor your project for possible growth issues that keep the SCRUM method moving in a circular motion. The world of online business is always changing and growing, your business should to. Agile 367 keeps you one step ahead of your competitors with the Agile method and your own personal Scrum master.