Our Agile Method

Not too long ago “agile method” and “scrum master” were the buzz words in every website developer forum. It started as a concept for owners to permit programmers to launch software before it was fully functional. This was a way to have online software grow as businesses grow. It also meant writing programs that they were not static, but instead had a level of communication and interactivity with consumers. They had to be able to update easily and quickly as web techniques changed. Although posing a great challenge, languages such as Javascript gave way to ajax, jquery, and so many more. We at Agile367 believe that this method gives your business unlimited growth possibilities.

Let’s look at this step by step.
If your business is dependent upon a marketplace or ecommerce. You could turn to your local website hosting company for an opensource solution. Unfortunately, your business is as unique as you are. Open source shopping carts are limited and can be confusing and
hard for your customers to use. Try this “Agile Method” instead.

Define your ecommerce needs
Your business e-commerce needs may be bigger than “add to cart” and “check out”. Your business may need size charts, color charts, etc. Or what if you only have certain colors for certain sizes. This gets more detailed and complicated with each product. These needs are detailed more by your business, and your personal creativity.

Project your needs to your personal project manager
At Agile 367 we offer you a personalized project manager. Don’t feel like you are out in the storm by yourself. If you have a new need, you should be able to discuss this need with your personal contact. You are the most important thing to us. Try contacting any tech support person at your hosting company, what you get are sales people trying to sell you more expensive products without every solving the current need.

Let the team begin
When you start a project, you need a complete team of full stack web developers, graphic designers, SEO analyst, social media designers, and experienced marketers. When you have a complete team working together to build your project, you get results that are ready for most outcomes. Our marketing experts speak website development, so we can portray your needs to the technicians in charge of your project.

Once your temporary site passed inspection and has been completely tested for bugs and issues, we will launch your project. It doesn’t stop there, with the Agile Method your website is tested, and managed to compliment your business growth. We are with you every step of the way.

Website growth
The success of your business depends on your ability to grow with trends, and consumers. Your personal team of web developers and Mobile App designers will continue to evaluate, suggest and change your online business while you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

At Agile 367 we are your scrum master. Continual testing, and change keeps you on top of your game.